Meadhbh Maxwell

"I feel like a different person and I'm happier than I can ever remember being"

When I first wanted to go to a personal trainer, I was so nervous of going because I was afraid I would be too big, too unfit and too weak. My first session with Paul, I was instantly comfortable, he was so nice and so encouraging despite me nearly knocking him out with a barbell once or twice!,

My initial objective was to increase my fitness and tone up/lose fat. After working with Paul I have achieved this and more. I feel like a different person and I'm happier than I can ever remember being. My mood has dramatically improved, I have way more energy and I'm more positive about everything! I have toned up, changed shape and dropped a few dress sizes. More importantly I actually really enjoy the sessions with Paul. I need to emphasise what a miracle this is considering I have a well known hatred of exercise of any kind!

His workouts are always varied and really enjoyable. He does make them tough and really pushes you but nothing more than is possible. It is really motivating to see the weights you use increase as you get stronger. I wouldn't have been able to do a fraction of what I have done without him teaching and encouraging me.

He is also incredibly knowledgeable and interested in nutrition and goes out of his way to research any topics I show an interest in and he is always willing to help you in any way. I have totally changed my diet since I have met him, I have gone from having no meals and just eating sweets all day to planning three healthy meals a day with snacks. I have now eliminated sugar from my diet and despite a bumpy transitional period, I now no longer crave it any more.

I literally want to encourage everyone to go to see him. It is honestly the best money I have ever spent, a bargain for all the benefits I get from it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!”
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Susie Doyle

"I feel slimmer and more toned than I ever have and after having 2 kids I didn't think it could happen"

Before I started training with Paul I was exercising pretty regularly. Mainly doing just classes. Although I felt fit, I didn't feel like my problem areas were being targeted. I was lacking a bit of motivation and energy and felt like I had hit a bit of a wall.

My fear with having a personal trainer has always been that I wouldn't be able for one on one training because there was no where to hide! In a class I could hide in the back and no one would notice if I was not able to keep up! This ended up being one of the biggest benefits of working out with Paul as my trainer. When I feel like I can do no more he is always encouraging me to push myself further and it's a great sense of achievement when I've completed a full work out!

I can't believe how much stronger and fitter I feel. It was daunting the first day arriving into the gym and looking around at very fit people but now I feel I've achieved my goals of losing inches and toning up! I'm so proud of what Paul has helped me achieve, I feel slimmer and more toned than I ever have and after having 2 kids I didn't think it could happen!

I would highly recommend working out with Paul. You will always walk out of the gym feeling motivated and positive and looking forward to your next session! If you listen to this advice you will see and feel results quickly! It's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself!
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Alana McArdle

"After Training with Paul for my wedding I am so much stronger and more toned than I have ever been before"

I wanted to start a personal training regime as I was getting married and wanted to look and feel my very best on the wedding day. I have always been active but I really needed help targeting specific areas on my body.

I decided to try a Personal Training program with with Paul as my sister and her husband had been training with him for years and the results they achieved with him were brilliant.

I was excited to start the training with him but I was afraid I wouldn't get the results I was hoping for as I had been trying to target the same areas myself for years without much success.

These concerns diminished quickly as I started to see results and noticed positive changes to my figure and fitness within weeks.

Previously when trying to lose weight I would have gone on some sort of diet that made me completely miserable and as soon as I would stop the diet the weight would come back almost instantly. But this isn't how Paul's training works at all.

He places such strong emphasis on becoming strong and fit which I absolutely love. His workouts are tough but Paul is very encouraging and never makes you feel like you can't do something.

After 6 months of training with Paul I am so much stronger and more toned than I have ever been before. I have a lot more shape and for once the weight loss is actually sustainable.

I was a bit skeptical before starting with a personal trainer as I wasn't a slouch to begin with and so I just wasn't sure if it would work for me. But I honestly can't say how much I enjoyed it once I got started and began seeing results. I think a lot of it was down to Paul's in-depth knowledge of training and nutrition. It has had a very positive impact on both my physical health and mental health and I could not recommend Paul highly enough!
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Leigh Mc Bride

"I can see my body shape changing, I am so much stronger, both mentally and physically, and most importantly working out has become fun!"

Working out with Paul has literally been life changing for me! Since being diagnosed with MS nearly 10 years ago, I slowly became more inactive. As my disease became progressive, my mobility was drastically reduced and I was quickly losing power in all 4 limbs. A stem cell transplant involving high dose chemo fortunately reversed much of my disability, however I was severely lacking strength & balance. I had put on a lot of weight and overall had little or no self confidence. So I started researching personal trainers!

I literally came across Paul by accident. I wanted a trainer close to home & after reading the first testimonial on Paul’s website, I picked up the phone. Possibly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous as hell the first day I walked into the gym ( an alien place to me!) But as soon as I met Paul, he banished any fears I had. I felt completely comfortable opening up to him about my limitations and what I hoped to achieve. I was really impressed that Paul had taken the time to do some research into MS, to understand if there were any special considerations or adaptions he would need to include in our training.

From that first day I have not looked back. Paul is the perfect combination of tough and warm and he works with the whole person -mentally, emotionally and physically. He’s like a personal trainer and counsellor all rolled into one! I think thats one of the things that sets Paul apart from others.Because of him, I am so much stronger both physically and mentally. I am more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I can’t believe I’m lifting weights and loving it!! I can see my body shape changing and it’s just the beginning. Paul always works me hard but when necessary he takes the pedal off the metal without letting me slack! He has never let MS stand in the ay of an effective workout. The sense of achievement I feel thanks to Paul after every session is immeasurable.

Paul is so incredibly knowledgable & passionate about health & fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! We have a few laughs along the way. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Paul always checks in after a session to check how Im doing which is such a lovely personal touch. He has also given me a programme to do on my own, to compliment our workouts together. It means I can go into the gym and not feel totally overwhelmed with what to do. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Paul will lead you every step of the way. I honestly couldn’t recommend him more highly. I’d train with him every day if I could. Its no wonder he is such a popular personal trainer
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Michelle Kelly

"I feel fitter and stronger now than ever before and I never want to lose that feeling again"

After a difficult second pregnancy, SPD and maternity leave I had completely lost confidence in my bodys physical capabilities and was scared at the thought of joining a gym. I also have a neck injury which was starting to defeat me and was told by my Physio that making my muscles stronger would be the best long term cure.

I wanted to feel fit again before returning to work. I also wanted to do something that wasn’t going to restrict me from eating the same meals as the ones I prepare for my family. It was important to me that this worked with my young children as I want them to have a more positive attitude towards food than I had.

Paul came highly recommended by my yoga teacher who trains in his gym so I decided to get in touch with him to see if he could help me achieve my fitness goals.

As soon as I met Paul I knew straight away it was the approach I wanted and needed. There was an immediate understanding of what results I could get and expect and I left that initial meeting with an assured impression that it could be achieved with Paul’s training and expertise.

I wasn’t disappointed. Paul is an incredible personal trainer and he has a fantastic way of coaching and encouraging you.

Straight away after the first personal training session I felt good...sore muscles but good! Within 2-3 sessions I felt more fit and stronger both mentally and physically. My clothes felt loser and I lost weight but I also learned not to focus so much on the scales which is a refreshing approach.

Paul also helped me overcome my over-reliance on sugary foods for energy with a few simple tweaks to my diet and as a result my overall energy levels are much better.

I now have a totally new perspective in relation to food and fitness that I only wish I knew sooner.

With Paul’s training program I feel challenged in every session and I feel fitter and stronger after each one. As I continue to train I can feel myself consistently performing better in the gym and becoming more and more toned.

I would highly recommend training with Paul as the results I have experienced have greatly improved my life. I feel fitter and stronger now than I ever have before and I never want to lose that feeling again.
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Ann Langley

"I have not only experienced powerful results in relation to my health, fitness and figure but have enjoyed the whole training process thoroughly"

Staying healthy, fit and mobile is important to me, especially after an ongoing injury poses issues with my back, neck and knees. Personal trainers I’ve used in the past didn’t prove the right fit as their high intensity standardised regime didn’t respond to my own needs and ability.

I was seeking an effective but more balanced, achievable and age appropriate approach, that would prove effective and also give me more confidence when training alone.

Training with Paul has provided me with a focused and holistic approach that includes a realistic attitude to food, a bespoke and enjoyable training process, and powerful results.

When training with Paul in the gym he is easily able to tweek any exercise to meet my own individual needs, ensuring I am able to perform it with maximum effectiveness and minimum strain. It still amazes me how such small adjustments to my technique can have such a profoundly positive effect on my training! That’s one of Paul’s gifts, he is undoubtedly incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to training but he is able to explain things in such a simple manner that makes everything so easy to understand and perform.

From a nutritional perspective, he has been of huge assistance. Paul has made it so easy for me. I have been bogged down with complicated nutritional programs in the past which didn’t work for me, but Paul has gotten me to focus on a few simple principles which have been massively effective!

Paul is always positive, attentive, engaging and has a relaxed and personable character that puts you at ease. I have not only experienced powerful results in relation to my health, fitness and figure but have enjoyed the whole process thoroughly and that is largely down to Paul exceptional Personal Training style. I would highly recommend Paul to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals!
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Deirdre Pluck

"I am getting fitter and stronger week on week, I feel toned and defined, I have gone down a dress size and my energy levels have never been higher"

I made a personal goal to try a new physical challenge beyond doing Pilates. I am someone who was never really into the gym and had a lack of understanding of workouts that would suit me and what I wanted to achieve in terms of toning, fitness and building strength and flexibility. In fact, I wouldn’t know where to start.

I knew working with a Personal Trainer would get me a personalised programme which was important, but to make it work for me so I would stick with it, it had to be someone that had the right balance of being challenging, yet supportive and encouraging at each stage. I knew the right PT would bring me to a level of building strength and fitness that I would never achieve if I went out on my own.

With this in mind, choosing the right PT was an incredibly important decision for me as getting it wrong would probably turn me off going back to the gym or to a trainer ever again!

Paul came recommended by a number of friends, and I have seen the incredible results they have achieved, and continue to maintain, through his PT programmes. The fact they continue to train with him and recommend him years on says it all!

>From the first consultation, he took the time to really understand me and my goals and made me feel completely comfortable in what I thought would be a scary new gym environment. Paul focussed on what it was I wanted to achieve, what success looked like for me, what my current fitness routine and regular meals looked like, and answered all of my many, many questions. You know from just minutes of meeting Paul he has a vast amount of knowledge in the science behind health and nutrition, and his experience is on specific programmes for women and what matters for us in the types of physical goals we want to achieve. Meeting Paul in that consultation and overcoming the fear was the best decision I made.

As a starting point, Paul spent time coaching me on the various strength, core and fitness training techniques. This gradual approach and his ongoing encouragement really helped to build my confidence and grew my knowledge by understanding the different muscle groups we would target, how to lift weights, and the reasons behind everything we were doing in the gym. Knowing why you are doing specific combinations of exercises and the benefits they bring makes it all the more motivating.

Week on week Paul introduces a great balance of more challenging additions into the training sessions with a constant mix up in the workouts that keep it fun (no training day is ever the same!). The regime has been a great way to maximise my time as I get a full body workout in that hour and I love the challenge both physically and mentally as everything, no matter how hard it may seem initially, has been within my ability. Achieving a personal best or accomplishing a goal each week has given me so much confidence and motivation and really drives me to keep going! Spending time with a trainer that makes each session so enjoyable is a pretty great way to spend an hour! I'm so proud of what Paul’s programme has helped me achieve over the last few months alone. The training has worked the whole of my body, and I am getting fitter and stronger week on week. By combining PT with regular, nutritious meals each day I have gone down a dress size, am toned and defined, and my energy levels have never been higher. Aside from the physical aspect, there are other noticeable benefits these sessions have brought while working in a busy and high-pressure job which really helps to keep the head clear. Working with Paul has been the best form of physical and mental therapy. In short, I feel happy and healthy!

To spend an hour in the evening doing something that will make you a healthier, stronger, happier version of yourself is a no-brainer. I always leave a PT session with Paul feeling energised and motivated. Pauls experience and expertise in PT has made achieving my goals so successful, and combined with his evident love for his job, his ongoing and regular encouragement and being an all-around great person to be around has made this one of the best investments I have made in myself in a very long time.

I would highly recommend anyone considering a new challenge, who wants to be a fitter/healthier version of themselves to give Paul's PT programme a try, you will never look back!
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Mary Kerrigan

"I Started to slide back into old clothes again. Not only was I lighter but I felt lighter within myself"

When I first met Paul, I was immediately put at ease by his calm and gentle manner. He went to great lengths to explain his core philosophy that this was not a short term fix but a more permanent lifestyle change and that none of it would happen without the combination of diet, exercise and drinking water! It was that simple - no add ons!! That immediately struck a chord with me as I had been a veteran of many "faddy" diets in the past but a more recent illness followed by a post op back injury had given me a much needed wake up call.

My energy levels were at an all time low and my fitness was severely curtailed as a result of my back. I was fed up and wanted change. I left Paul excited to get started as I had already seen at first hand what he could do. A colleague of mine had been going to him and in a very short space of time she had transformed.

Paul Taylor is the sum of many parts. I'm in awe of how knowledgeable he is. Not just about personal training and resistance training but also nutrition, psychology and the physiology of the body.

The beginning was brutally tough. Those early workouts laid the foundation of what was to come. He invested time into showing me what to do, explaining the mechanics and benefits of each exercise. He gave me not an inch as I struggled to complete each workout. He had heard me loud and clear in my desire to change and every possible part of my body was being put to the test. No doubt about it, I was pushed to my limits both physically and mentally but his support and encouragement always kept me going. The surprising thing about him is he always knows when to push and pull back, that's just one of his many talents.

Before too long I started to seek out more ways to exercise - daily mile, cycling, walking and swimming. The addition of a fit-bit made complete sense as I transitioned from novice to athlete. My increased levels of energy and fitness were observable to others. I started to slide back into old clothes again. Not only was I lighter but I felt lighter within myself. This is all down to him.

6 months into my journey with Paul and I'm excited to progress forward from here. Honestly I look forward to every session with him and smashing those workouts. Paul Taylor has given me the two C's - Control and Confidence in managing my health and well being into the future. I could not recommend Paul Taylor highly enough
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Niamh Horohan

"My clothes are much looser and far more comfortable as my body has become tighter. My sleep patterns and energy levels are at an all time high"

Before I did PT I was at an all-time low as I had just gotten engaged and piled on the lbs with all the celebration. I'd changed jobs from an active one to a sedentary one so I was tired, bloated, unfit and had poor sleep and generally felt bad about myself.

Before I started working with Paul I was scared of failure in the gym, of being so bad that people would stare! Of being so unfit that I wouldn't be able to work out and of going once and never going back. As it turned out all of my fears were totally unjustified.

During my first PT session Paul he completely put me at ease and talked me through the plan. I felt extremely confident in him because he was so knowledgeable and had all the facts to backup how his plan works. The exercises were tough but manageable. Paul helped me understand how the different muscles work and why I was doing what I was doing. Paul has such a high level of knowledge and the right balance of patience and ability to motivate!

The first result I began to experience from personal training was how good I began to feel despite initial withdrawal symptoms from sugary foods. From then on I began to experience a list of benefits a mile long. I became stronger quickly under Pauls attentive coaching. My clothes were much looser and more comfortable as my body became tighter. I felt generally well balanced emotionally and physically. My sleep patterns and energy levels were at an all time high. As a result of working with Paul my life has improved in literally every sense.

On top of all this, I also had a great laugh with Paul when he wasn’t putting me through my paces which really added to the enjoyment factor of the personal training experience!
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Breege Bourke

"The results I have experienced as a result of working with Paul have been nothing short of amazing"

Before I started working with Paul I was overworked, I didn't have a regular exercise regime and my diet was poor so I was feeling constantly tired, out of shape, bloated and very unfit!

Initially I found the idea of working out with a trainer very intimidating. I was so nervous and scared of being too unfit, too weak, and the worst client ever etc. After my first session with Paul I soon realised there was absolutely no need for me to feel like this.

Paul is so down to earth and friendly and not one-bit intimidating that I was very comfortable from day one. This was key for me and hence I kept coming back!

The results I have experienced as a result of working with Paul have been nothing short of amazing. Every aspect of my life has improved – I feel much fitter, stronger, more toned, healthier and happier than I did before I started training with him. The whole process has been a life changing experience and it is definitely the best investment that I have ever made in myself. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.
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Soraya Quigley

"I now have little or no back pain, my knees are holding up really well, my muscles have become more toned and I’m considerably stronger than before."

As you get older, things change for women specially and I had suffered previously from herniated discs, knees in tatters from running and osteoporosis in my hips. Medical advice was to get strong and build up your muscle to support weaker bones.

I had been looking for a personal trainer so I wouldn’t injure myself in a gym and I would not have a particular fondness for gyms so I was sceptical generally.

When I saw Paul’s promotional video on his website I was impressed that he wasn’t promising you to drop a dress size in 8 weeks or to fit into your skinny jeans. Quick fixes in my mind are not sustainable. Paul spoke about become the best version of you; being strong and fit and that appealed to me greatly.

When I first met Paul his manner and approach immediately assured me that he had my best interest at heart. I felt he genuinely wanted to see me improve my health and fitness in a progressive and structured way.

Paul is a very personable and approachable person but there is an iron will beneath the kind surface and you are put through your paces to the max in his workouts, regularly surprising yourself at your ability. Paul knows it’s there and he brings it out.

Since beginning training with Paul I now have little or no back pain, my knees are holding up really well, my muscles have become more toned and I’m considerably stronger than before.

I now really look forward to going to the gym and being put through my programme with Paul’s instruction.

I feel energetic and enthusiastic about exercise and as a result, have added other elements into my week. Myself and Paul would regularly discuss food and lifestyle which helps motivate me greatly.

I have already recommended Paul to several friends, all with different issues and that would be my compliment to him. I absolutely know they would be in the best hands attending Paul’s Personal Training sessions.
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Rebecca Lauder

"With Pauls encouraging and determined coaching I was seeing results in a matter of weeks. I dropped a dress size in my jeans which has LITERALLY never happened!"

I remember my initial consultation with Paul was based around what my goals were (not to be skinny but to be fit/healthy and yes, lose a few pounds that I was still carrying post-baby).

My first resistance training session with Paul was a much needed wake-up call as I realized afterwards I hadn’t been using my muscles properly in an eternity. Paul's exceptional coaching skills helped me to lift weights and complete circuits I wouldn't have dreamed of before I met him. From a nutritional perspective, it was the first time in a long time that I wasn't watching what I ate like a hawk but rather making the right choices and combining it with a totally new fitness program.

With Paul's encouraging but also determined coaching, I was seeing results in a matter of weeks - I dropped a dress size in my jeans which has LITERALLY never happened!! From that point on the progress has only continued, both in the weights room and within myself.

Apart from being a great trainer, Paul is a really friendly & personable guy who takes a genuine interest in his client’s health and fitness. I would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending him to anyone who is willing to make the effort to achieve their health and fitness goals!
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Gillian Nevin

"I am so much stronger and fitter than I was before I met Paul. I have lost weight, I am more toned and my clothes fit me much better"

I was recommended Paul as a trainer by one of the mum’s in my son’s school. I had been complaining to her about how much weight I had put on over the summer due to over indulgence during summer holidays and had not been able to shift it as the winter months approached. I just did not have the motivation to stick to an eating plan and I was doing no exercise. My clothes were not fitting me and I felt miserable so I decided to contact Paul.

When I first met Paul he put me at ease straight away. I thought I might feel a bit intimidated especially as I was so insecure about my weight. Paul was so approachable and friendly that I was able to open up to him without feeling self-conscious. We discussed goals and diet plans and commenced a training program.

Paul gave me great guidance and took the time to analyse my weekly diet records, providing feedback and advice. He never berated me if I fell off the wagon, instead he would provide me with constructive solutions that would help me get back on track and achieve my goals moving forward.

From a training perspective, I used to find the gym a total chore. Paul has changed this for me and I love training with him. I feel such a sense of achievement after our workouts together. He pushes me extremely hard but also knows when to reel it in slightly, usually just the right amount to feel sore muscles for a couple of days afterwards but looking forward to going back for more! We usually have some chats and share a few jokes during our sessions together, although I would never dare slack!

He has also provided me with my own training program to compliment the work we do together during our personal training sessions. If he sees me in the gym on my own he is always very attentive. He will always come over to me and ask if I need any help or give me that extra bit of encouragement when I am training.

As a result of working with Paul I am so much stronger and fitter than I was before I met him. I have lost weight, I am more toned and my clothes fit me much better. In turn, I am far more confident than I was about my appearance and feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I would highly recommend Paul to any of my friends.
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Katherine Safar

“In Just a month of working with Paul I saw a huge increase in my muscle tone, confidence, posture and endurance”

I originally wanted to start a PT regime to meet two personal goals - the first was to feel my best for my wedding and the second was to become more familiar with weight lifting.

Paul came highly recommended from a friend of mine and based on her rave reviews, I decided to meet with Paul. It was great that he Was willing to meet with me before embarking on a training program, he took the time to answer all my questions and shared what I could expect from working with him. Paul immediately came across as being supportive and encouraging, but isn't overbearing. He has the ability to help you stay accountable, both with fitness and nutrition!

I was super shy about being in a gym setting and intimidated by lifting heavy weights. I also was pretty nervous that I might "fail" in committing to a exercise plan.

Paul put all my initial fears at ease within minutes of our first Personal Training session. He took the time to introduce me to the gym, understand what the basic exercises are (and why you do them), how to do them correctly, and adjusting my nutrition to fit my goals. I cannot say enough how supportive Paul is and has the ability to put your insecurities at ease with PT.

I genuinely look forward to my time with Paul at the gym - I find the sessions energizing and interesting (and a good challenge). I have really appreciated how Paul is able to adjust the workouts around my travel schedule. He has shown me that fitness and nutrition are a lifelong commitment (and that it's ok to enjoy life at the same time!). I'm constantly learning something new and am seeing results that I have never had with my usual group fitness classes.

In just a month working with Paul, I saw a huge increase in my muscle tone, confidence, posture, and endurance. It was also amazing how small changes in how I looked at nutrition gave me more energy and allowed me to be aware of reasons I was overeating (emotions, stress,etc).

I had never worked with a PT before, and it is something I would recommend to everyone. It has been invaluable having personalize attention to my goals and having someone keep me accountable. Paul is always sharing the most current research with his clients around nutrition and fitness. I'm confident that by working with Paul, I will continue to see progress and be in the best shape of my life (so that I can keep enjoying life to it's fullest)!“
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Betty Quigley

"I am in much better shape, far stronger, can run faster, way more toned and a lot more body confident"

I have always been fit mainly doing running and Yoga. In September this year I wanted to do something different and take my fitness to a new level.

My husband had already been working with Paul for 2 years and I was really impressed with the incredible results he had achieved and the fact that they had lasted over time.

I wasn’t convinced that strength training was for me and initially I was somewhat intimidated by the atmosphere in the gym (guys lifting big weights etc). That fear quickly disappeared and everyone else in the gym becomes background as Paul focusses you 100%. He always pushes you in a very encouraging, yet safe and protective way.

The results are very visible already after only 10 weeks – I am in much better shape, much more toned, I am far stronger, can run faster and I am much more body confident. The best bit is I know all of this will improve even more as we continue to train together.

I really enjoy the sessions with Paul as he is super knowledgeable – a real expert in his field, very focussed, has lots of different options for you to suit your own unique ways and everything is done in a very safe way but he pushes you beyond what you believe you can do yourself. I would never have been able to achieve these results on my own without Paul so the return on the investment is high and fast and it is down to the preciseness he brings into all of his workouts.

I would highly, highly recommend Paul for anyone genuinely interested in improving their health, fitness and shape
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Sarah Whelan

"My energy levels have definitely increased, I'm lifting weights I could never imagined I would and my muscles have completely firmed up"

Before I met Paul my health was at the worst it had ever been. I didn’t recognise the person I had become with fibromyalgia, advanced adrenal fatigue and other physical ailments. I was sleeping between 13-15 hours a day because I was so weak and drained all the time. In short, my body wasn’t operating the way it was meant to and I felt crap, physically and mentally about myself. I then found Paul and started to make progress and the journey to putting all that behind me.

The night before my first session with Paul, I contemplated cancelling. I had only ever done the odd class in gyms before, or join a gym, get given a program and then been left to fend for myself. I didn't really know what I was doing and with not getting supervised, I’d just abandon the gym. I was petrified of what I was getting myself in to. I was embarrassed of the state of my health and felt very self-conscious. I reminded myself how crap I felt before and didn’t want to ever feel like that again. I owed it to myself to at least give it a try.

Within minutes of meeting with Paul, I felt at ease. He’s personable, down to earth and humble for all his knowledge and experience which is very reassuring!

He has been fantastic since we started working together, he goes above and beyond expectations for his clients. There was a point, about 4 months in to training I needed to take a break because the adrenal fatigue had come back with a vengeance (My own fault, I was only getting 1 day off every 14 days and working myself into the ground!).

Paul went and did extensive research about adrenal fatigue in order to help.

In the first 6 months of training with Paul, there were quite few times I’ve turned up to the gym aching with fibromyalgia, particularly in my knees or ankles, yet with Paul’s expansive knowledge he has been able to adapt any session swiftly and easily to ensure I still work the muscles without causing any aggravation.

Its 9 months now I have been training with Paul, I haven’t experienced any fibromyalgia in the past few months, my energy levels have definitely increased, I’m lifting weights I could never imagined I would and my muscles have completely firmed up - it’s great when your noticing changes in the mirror! I have also learnt a lot from Paul, about the body, the muscles and why certain training methods are more beneficial than others depending on the end goal.

I believe because of Paul’s passion for what he does, his expansive knowledge and experience, his ability to work with people from all different ages and variety fitness levels, it’s easy to see why he is an extremely popular Personal Trainer.

From my own personal experience with Paul, his sessions have helped my immensely from physical to health improvements. I without a doubt would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is considering investing in themselves to lose fat and firm up or to increase strength and fitness because I know they are in the very best of hands regardless of their age, fitness level or physical ailments!
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Anne Marie

"Thanks to Paul I began to embrace eating well and training hard to the point where it has now become an essential part of my life"

Before I started training with Paul I was stuck in a rut, my gym had just closed down and I didn’t know what to do next. Two of my colleagues had been training with Paul and they were making great progress following his program so I decided to join up with him.

I was a bit nervous before I started as my eating habits weren’t too good and I wasn’t sure if I would be able for the group sessions!

However, Paul put me at ease right away. He ensured me that training would be catered to my ability in order for me to get the best out of the workouts and he was true to his word. He assessed where I was initially and he worked with me from there. He always knew the days to push me to lift heavier weights or when to pull back slightly and the sessions were always designed to reap maximum benefit with minimal risk of injury.

The adjustment in my diet was the hardest aspect for me but Paul couldn't have been more helpful in this regard. He guided me along the way and checked in with me regularly to make sure I was hitting my targets. This support really helped and kept me on track to reach my goals.

After just a few weeks of Pauls resistance training and nutrition program I was reaping the benefits. I lost weight on the scales, my clothes felt much looser and I felt much stronger and fitter. Also I noticed a big improvement in my mood and energy levels.

I really enjoyed Paul’s style of coaching. He is truly inspiring. Thanks to him I began to embrace eating well and training hard to the point where it has now become an essential part of my life. Paul is exceptional at what he does and I’m delighted I got the opportunity to work with him. My advice to anyone contemplating it is just start – you won’t regret it!!!
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Siobhan Walsh

"I weigh less than I have done in years, my body has a much better shape to it, I have way more energy than I used to and I am also the strongest and fittest I have ever been"

Before I met Paul I had several failed attempts to get in shape over the years with various crash dieting and fad exercise regimes. I was fed up of these approaches so I decided to seek out the help of a personal trainer to help me with a more permanent solution to get into (and stay) in great shape!

Upon doing some research I discovered Paul. He seemed like an excellent, likeable PT with good experience training women so I decided to get in touch with him – I am delighted I did!

When we first I felt a rapport with him straight away. Paul is incredibly knowledgeable in terms of diet and exercise but also came across as a very personable trainer which appealed to me. I was highly motivated and excited to get started with his training / nutrition program!

Initially Paul meets you at the level you are at and then gradually but steadfastly pushes you to your limits to reach and improve on your personal bests. He is professional and patient but tough - no easy workouts!

He places great emphasis on the importance of nutrition and he was incredibly supportive in helping me improve my diet. He would always take time to analyse my weekly food diary in detail and he would provide consistent feedback and guidance to make sure I stay on track with the diet plan.

I am now finally seeing and feeling the results I was always trying to achieve as a result of working with Paul - I weigh less then I have done in years, my body has a much better shape to it, I have way more energy than I used to have and I am also the strongest and fittest I have ever been. I would highly recommend Paul to any woman who is serious about permanently improving their figure and their health.
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Eva McDonnell

"I have lost a few pounds and my clothes are much looser but more importantly I feel so much stronger and fitter"

My weight was creeping up over the years and the walking and cycling that I was doing on my own wasn’t making enough of an impact. I knew I needed some expert help. I looked at the chain gyms and they weren’t for me. Nor were the smaller gyms with group sessions as the before / after work timetables didn’t suit my family and work commitments.

Upon finding Southside Gym, the website listed a number of personal trainers connected to the gym. Paul’s bio resonated with me as he seemed to have a strong focus on women’s health and fitness, particularly after having children. I got in contact with Paul directly and took it from there.

My first impressions of Southside Gym were that it is really well-equipped, but it is quite blokey and I was a bit intimidated by that, also the idea of a Personal Trainer was new to me, and I didn’t know how easily I would take to it. Paul put my mind at ease about the whole process straight away; we met and discussed what I wanted to achieve and how he could support me through it. My main focus was weight loss, but he talked about what I would gain rather than lose: tone, strength and fitness. He was very calm and pragmatic about it all - he wasn’t promising a quick fix, nor was he insisting that I cut out every treat I enjoyed because neither would work long term.

When training with Paul I really enjoy using weights and machines properly; in the past, I would have been unsupervised and no doubt doing everything the wrong way. I would also have avoided some of the scarier looking machines. Paul adapts the regime to suit me, my lower back and knees sometimes cause me pain and we just modify the session to ensure maximum impact and minimal pain.

As the sessions have progressed, he has been really encouraging. You can tell he really enjoys seeing his clients becoming stronger and fitter Paul also runs some classes for the women that regularly train with him and it has been great doing those sessions as they’re quite the contrast to the PT sessions. It is a lovely mix and his other clients are great fun to train with.

I have been training with Paul for 3 months now and have really noticed big differences in a positive way. I have lost a few pounds and my clothes feel much looser but more importantly I feel so much stronger and fitter and exercise is a much bigger feature in my life. I am much more agile and am able to move around with the kids much more than before (no more groaning as I get up off the couch!)

Paul and I keep a training diary also and it is great to look back and see how much my strength has increased over the last few months.

I am much more mindful of my eating and my alcohol intake; my diet is a lot better and I keep a food diary for Paul, and he makes simple suggestions on foods I can incorporate into my diet.

Paul has such a lovely style of coaching and instantly puts people at ease, but is good craic at the same time. I have been so happy doing the PT sessions over the past few months, it has had such a positive impact on my life. It is a really effective use of my time, and it is great to see how much better I feel since doing it. I would highly recommend Paul to everyone.
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Roisin Conlon

“For years I have been swimming competitively and within a few months of training with Paul I was able to achieve a personal best!”

I had toyed with the idea of starting training in the gym for years but I was always apprehensive as I felt I didn’t know where to start!

Paul was highly recommended to me by a friend who had experienced amazing results training with him. She assured me he was incredibly knowledgeable about training and I was soon to learn he really knows his stuff about nutrition too.

I was nervous about starting a personal training program with him as I wasn’t sure what to expect but I shouldn’t have been in the slightest as Paul was so lovely, relaxed and made it so easy to get used to the gym.

Paul is such warm and easy going person but he still pushes me hard to finish what he set out for me to do on every exercise. He always gets the extra inch out of me when I need it the most as I’m tiring on those last few seconds or reps! He knows exactly the extent that I’m physically capable of and he challenges me consistently to be a little better every workout than the last. Every time I go to a session with him I feel the progression which is so motivating.

My main reason for starting personal training with Paul was to help with my swimming. For years I have been swimming in competitions and was never able to get below 30 seconds for my main event, the 50m freestyle, and within a couple of months of going to Paul I did a personal best of 28.92 seconds which I never imagined was possible!

Paul has been so helpful with advice on what I should be eating for the training and competing I’m doing and I find that because of that I have a lot more energy and I feel so much stronger at my training sessions with Paul and my swimming each week. He has already abled me to reduce my swimming times significantly and I’m really excited to see how much further I can get them down.

I look forward to my PT sessions each week with Paul as I’m always learning something new and progressing on the weights I’m lifting. I also thoroughly enjoy our chats and the laughs we have together during my designated rests! Goes without saying I would highly recommend training with Paul.
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Emma Gribben

"I feel so much more toned, stronger and fitter overall and have so much more energy than I have ever had"

Over the past few years I had started to pile the weight on, my diet was terrible and I had no energy. I had been going to spin classes two to three times per week but with no real effect. I had lost a lot of confidence and dreaded going out as I knew nothing fitted me!

I began to research personal trainers in the area and came across Paul on Facebook. I could relate to so many of the testimonials and I liked the fact that Paul specialises in women's training.

I decided to give it a go and three months on I feel fantastic!

I will admit I was extremely anxious before my first session with Paul as I had never really used the gym much! Paul immediately alleviated my fears upon entering the gym! He really put me at ease and the time goes so fast during the workout. Paul is like a counsellor and personal trainer in one and if you have had a bad day, you'll be sure to leave his sessions feeling like a different person!

I never thought I would hear myself saying I enjoy the gym and now look forward to every session! I come out feeling great and have so much more energy than I have ever had.

Paul is also extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and general health promotion and he has undertaken extensive research in this field.

Paul knows my strengths and limitations almost better than myself!! He knows when I can push myself that bit more! He also explains what each machine or exercise does and the muscles that it should be targeting.

Very soon after I started training with Paul I felt like I had lost weight and have now dropped 2 dress sizes and feel so much more toned and stronger and fitter overall!

My diet has also changed dramatically for the better. I have almost eliminated bread from my lunchtime meals and have increased my protein intake substantially. I look forward to my meals every day and have much more energy.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to really improve their general physical health with the added bonus of losing weight and toning up whilst feeling fantastic in the process!
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